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A little about CPMEDIA's journey so far
CPMEDIA is a pay monthly website provider for sole traders and small businesses. We make custom & professional websites which give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and grow.

Where I started

I built a website for a small business in Inverness called Ness Music. They went ahead with a website built from a top agency locally, however it was a very slow loading and cluttered result. I rebuilt their ecommerce website from scratch, completely customized. I also integrated their till system to correspond with stock/orders. Throughout this journey, I realised that there are a lot of businesses requiring fast and scalable websites that look and perform the part. To cut costs down, I settled on the pay monthly scheme to create a more affordable and viable solution for small businesses and even larger enterprises.

Narrowing the focus

Following on from my work with various businesses whom I created websites for all around Scotland. I decided to go full throttle with my agency website here in Inverness. I came to the conclusion of three pricing plans for affordable monthly websites and an upfront fee to cover my time in designing and developing those websites. I take pride in my work while maintaining an affordable pricing plan for businesses that require a performing website that looks amazing. I take into account all factors such as local SEO, visual identity, marketing strategies and ultimately a converting website which will keep on growing overtime.

The best of both worlds

To provide the best value possible for the businesses I work with, I have positioned CPMEDIA to be affordable and flexible as a “Do It Yourself” website service, but whilst still providing the quality and expertise of a premium bespoke/custom web design agency. This combination is ideal for sole traders and small businesses who don’t have a huge amount of time or budget to spend, but still need a professional website. I maintain a very streamlined process in the development of all websites and I understand that many people aren't tech savvy, I never overcomplicate and am always transparent in my approach.

What makes CPMEDIA different?

Aside from offering bespoke and entirely custom websites which I am aware will likely be more higher performing, better converting and more scalable than competitors. I have extensive knowledge in what clicks online for businesses. I perform in depth market research to competitors before I execute the design phase. This helps in producing a result that is not only befitting for your business, but also puts you at the forefront of the search engines. All websites I create are blazing fast, look the business, no cookie cutter work here.

About the founder of CPMEDIA

A short summary about me


Calvin comes from a design and web development background and has over 6 years of industry experience. In this time I've worked with everyone from the local businesses to major UK organizations, Using a combination of creative, technical and commercial expertise, Calvin is able to offer a comprehensive approach that ensures every aspect of a website is performing at its best.
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